I wanted to take this opportunity to apologies for not being with you today. I hope you are having a fantastic conference and enjoying the wonderful city of Newport. Unfortunately an issue has arisen at Brunel that means I’ve made the decision to cancel my visit. 
At Brunel we are proud to host the largest population of Syrian Students in the country. Following the recent crisis in Syria the Union of Brunel Students have been doing all we can to protect, support and help our Syrian friends during this troubling time;  from lobbying the University to defer fees, fighting for provisions to gain emergency grants, and making sure that those with families have all the support they need.

Whilst for obvious reasons I won’t go into specific details of the issue, I am pleased to say that this is an isolated case, and that the Union is doing everything within its power, with the cooperation of the University, to find a resolution.

Whilst I was very much looking forward to seeing you today, it would be wrong for me to put politics first. I was elected by the students of Brunel and they must remain my number one priority. It is days like this that we remember why we became involved in our Unions; not for some personal gain or to push a massive political agenda, but like so many of you here today, and others up and down the country; to simply to stand up for students in their hour of need.
I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming weeks for what I am sure will be an exciting election. If you have any questions please add me on Facebook, tweet me, or drop me a call. 
Best of luck in the Rugby at the weekend, and enjoy Toni, Vicki and everyone’s favourite Rod!


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    Peter Smallwood

    Candidate for NUS President. Its time we built an NUS students are proud to belong to. #BacktoBasics


    February 2013